Detail of marquetry
Listen and Learn!
Explore The Bowes Museum with our new children’s audio guide narrated by storyteller Adam Bushnell. As you wander through the galleries listen to interesting facts about 21 of our most fascinating objects!
Download the MP3 files by clicking on the links below.

1. Loom

2. Lead soldiers

3. Noah's Ark

4. Two headed Calf

5. Reliquary

6. Norimono

7. Fish Swimming

8. Amphora

9. Gainford Stone

10. Sedan Chair

11. Vionnet Dresses

12. Cotherstone

13. John Bowes Portrait

14. Joséphine Bowes Portrait

15. Meissen Bottle

16. Meissen Cup and Saucer

17. The Penny Farthing

18. Snow Scene

19. Fountain Mask

20. Sappho

21. The Silver Swan