As well as your Museum visit, look at what else we can offer to make your day extra special! 

Explore inside the Museum

  • Family Back Packs - Enhance your visit to the Museum by following the trail and completing the tasks. Fully refundable £5 deposit
  • Interactive Displays - Try handling objects, design your own plate, dress up as a character within a painting and much more. Free 
  • Toddle Trail - A free trail designed for parents and toddlers visiting the Museum. Look for objects in the Museum, learn some interesting facts and see if you can answer the questions. 
  • Listen and Learn! Explore The Bowes Museum with our children’s audio guide narrated by storyteller Adam Bushnell. As you wander through the galleries listen to interesting facts about 21 of our most fascinating objects! Audio files are downloadable from the Museum website.

Explore outside the Museum

  • Bags of Fun - Enjoy hours of fun playing with bats, balls, bean bags and much more. Fully refundable £5 deposit
  • Orienteering Trail - Explore the spectacular grounds of the Museum by following the trail. Free
  • Nature Trail - Learn about the wonderful trees and animals which surrond The Bowes Museum. Free
  • Nature Backback - Aimed at younger children these backpacks are full of resources such as a magnifying glass and binoculars to help you explore the outdoors! Fully refundable £5 deposit
  • Picnic Area - Enjoy your sandwiches in the fantastic picnic area. Free
  • Storytelling Area - Let your imagination run wild in the storytelling chair. Free
  • Family Play Area. Free