Secondary Workshops


This workshop encourages analytical and critical thinking as pupils consider how contemporary culture portrays our modern image. Students will make sketches and studies before bringing paintings to life with costumes and props. KS3/4 Curriculum links: Art and Design – Use a range of techniques to record their observations. Analyse and evaluate their own work and that of others.

Art Inspiring Design

During this workshop students will learn about the history of the Museum’s design and architecture through a guided tour, as well as discovering hidden secrets to maintaining and conserving such a building. KS3/4 Curriculum links: History – Ideas, industry and empire in Britain during the 19th Century.


Using the Museum’s permanent fashion collection as a stimulus, students will make sketches and studies before exploring the potentials and limitations of materials. The students will collaborate to reconstruct a garment and meet a design challenge. KS3/4 Curriculum links: Art & Design, Design & Technology, SMSC – Teamwork and Cultural Development.

Underwear to Outerwear (aimed at students studying Fashion and Textiles)

This 90 minute session explores over 300 years of history in underwear & includes a range of authentic & replica historical & contemporary pieces to look at alongside images that reference the Museum’s own collection on display. An Education facilitator can visit your school with a 90-minute object handling session or we can offer it as part of a visit to The Bowes Museum.

Want Something Different?

We can create a bespoke workshop for you. We are currently able to offer workshops using the following media: •Wet felting •Dry point etching •Mono-printing •Relief printing •Silk Painting •Clay work using air drying clay

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