Northern Light Celebrating the Landscape of the Northern Dales

Northern Light – Celebrating the Landscape of the Northern Dales, was part of the annual Swaledale Festival, which, for the first time in its 30 year history, extended its activities into Barnard Castle.Taking the local landscape as inspiration, each student was paired up with one of 15 professional artists, who acted as mentors and gave guidance during the preparation of the pictures.

The collaboration involved the students in visiting their artist’s studio in out-of-school time, which gave them a valuable insight into the working life of an artist.The finished works, by both artists and students, were hung together in the exhibition and for sale in matched pairs. Sealed bids starting at £100.00 per pair were placed in the box provided, or sent to the Museum by post. The box was opened at the end of the exhibition, with the highest bidder for each pair securing their chosen paintings. The payment was shared equally between artist and student, with no commission charged by the Museum or the Swaledale Festival.

Artists taking part were Michael Bilton, Linda Birch, Piers Browne, Jill Campbell, Helen Costello, John Degnan, Alan Dyson, Winifred Hodge, Wendy Jones, Ed Kluz, Ray Landon, Anne Mason, Chris Mouncey, Carol Tyler and Ann Whitfield. The exhibition also featured paintings from The Bowes Museum’s collection, including three watercolours by the celebrated landscape artist J M W Turner along with work by Douglas Pittuck, Reginald Grenville Eves and Benjamin Heslop.