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Titanic Legacy

1 December 2012 - 27 January 2013 

To mark the Centenary Year of the launch of the titanic, students from the Fashion Marketing Degree Course at Northumbria Design were asked to explore and research past historical style in order to produce contemporary, forward thinking design as a response to the ‘Titanic Legacy’ that embraced luxury and opulence.

The student's explored the ship’s technologies and interiors, from furniture to curtains, wall and floor coverings. The period ‘designer’ garments and travel experience of the 1st class passengers and accommodation was contrasted against the 3rd class experience below decks, providing a wealth of informative background from which to design.

This expressive brief allowed students to develop their own unique design response, producing finely crafted, creative garments in both men’s and women’s wear to sit alongside expressive fashion graphics.