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David Chandler - Patron's Choice Award

David Chandler studied at Churchill College Cambridge and the Courtauld Institute of Art 1974-1978. Academic interests in Italian art and architecture. Lecturer at Kingston College, teaching quattrocento subjects. ‘Techniques of Modern Artists’ published 1983. Sixth form Aquinas, Stockport 2004 -2013 teaching Media and Film. MA in Architecture and Urbanism, MSA 2013 – 2015. Seven Architecture travel award, Manchester; Gairo Vecchio, Sardinia and recently ‘Maria Lai at Ulassai in 1981’.

Wimbledon School of Art with tutors Prunella Clough and Brian Perrin 1981-2. ‘Gertrude Hermes’ Relief Print Prize 1987. Bradford Print Biennale 1990. ‘Boethius’ suite of Etchings at the Møller Centre, Churchill College Cambridge 1999. ‘OpenUpNorth’, Kendal, 2012 and New Light 2015 -16. Bronze sculpture for British Art Medal Society; 1992 ‘In the Round’, B.M. Public Sculpture ‘Ex Libris’ at Aquinas College Stockport. Work at Fitzwilliam Museum, Whitworth Art Gallery, Liverpool University collection etc.

Work on show and for sale

The winner of the £10,000 Patron's Choice Award for the New Light Art Prize 2017.

‘The Lobby’ is located at 125 West 55th street in Manhattan, New York. By chance, Macquarie Group occupies part of the block. The subject was suggested by a small drawing and photos made in a warm late afternoon in September as employees were leaving the office. I scaled the work on the canvas to create a postmodern gothic altarpiece.  The composition attempts to compress a skyscraper into a 100cm x 125cm canvas. A new icon for a temple of commerce. The painted window panels create a fleeting illusion of a glazed picture. The convex chrome overdoor and glass reflect the buildings, restaurant umbrellas and a NYC street lamp across the street, so we can see behind us. Office lights and car lamps add points of glow, distorted mirror images, all slightly “delirious” as they morph inside the polished façade. Perspective takes us into the glass wall at the opposite end of the lobby space with its florescent reception desk light panel reflecting in all directions. Above the revolving door is part of the reversed exit sign (“TIX”) in red. But human stories emerge. Someone, possibly a delivery driver, is leaving with a phone to his ear while a woman waits inside. In an office above the lobby a conversation suggests a deal being discussed in a frozen mime. Parallel narratives of participants inside an electric gilded space. All these activities are framed by boundary lines both real and social, vertical and horizontal; a tableau of commonplace corporate and human needs in a familiar high-rise space that is surprisingly unreal.

David Chandler
‘The Lobby'
Acrylic on canvas