Damien Hirst

Tulip Varieties

2016, inkjet on Somerset Satin 330gsm with UV varnish and screen printed text, 42 x 30cm

Hirst is a pioneering art collector and curator as well as Britain’s most successful contemporary artist. As a leading member of the YBAs (Young British Artists) who gained an international reputation
for British art during the 1990s, he has exhibited in many of the major art museums throughout the world.

Mortality, collecting (in the form of 18th-century Cabinets of Curiosity) and museums are each major themes in Hirst’s work. His infamous series of animals (including a shark, a sheep and a cow) are preserved – often dissected – in formaldehyde. His spin paintings and his spot paintings have become iconic design symbols of the turn of the millennium.

For the Turkish Tulips project Hirst has made an image echoing a seed packet or a tulip bulb sales sheet, showing a selection of exotic tulip varieties which highlight the obsessive relationship between western and eastern civilisations and the humble tulip, as well as his own iconic branding.