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Helen Chadwick

Wreath to Pleasure No.1

1992-93, cibachrome print on aluminium-faced MDF in a glazed powder-caoted steel frame, 110 (diameter) x 5cm
Copyright © the Estate of Helen Chadwick, courtesy Richard Saltoun Gallery Collection and Philippa van Loon

This pioneering female British sculptor, 
photographer and installation artist was one of the first women artists to be nominated for the Turner Prize. Sadly she died unexpectedly in 1996. Chadwick was known for ‘challenging stereotypical perceptions of the body in elegant yet unconventional forms’.

Her work draws from a range of 
sources, from myths to science, grappling with a plethora of unconventional, visceral materials that included chocolate, lambs’ tongues and rotting vegetable matter, not to mention urinating in the snow to make her cast Piss Flowers.

Helen Chadwick taught both Gavin 
Turk and Philippa van Loon at Chelsea School of Art and her work has been influential for the next generation of British Artists.

For the Turkish Tulips exhibition we 
have on loan an hypnotic tulip work that is a kind of ocular or anus reflecting back our own fecund desires.