Rob and Nick Carter



Rob and Nick Carter’s work is housed in the collections of the Mauritshuis, The Frans Hals Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum, The Stadel Museum, and Foundation Custodia.


As artists they are interested in design and the potential for engaging an audience in an unconventional way. The film of the wilting tulips is part of their Transforming series which aims to inspire visitors to look for longer at an artwork – to slow the viewer down, draw them in and make them look and look again. This digital work films a vase of tulips over a 10 day period with a stop frame technique that compresses the overall duration to 25 minutes, reducing the duration of periods where nothing significant occurs, while preserving moments of ‘action’ – such as when a petal falls or a stem buckles – in real time.


Black Tulip is a bronze cast of a 3D digital model made from Judith Leyster’s iconic watercolour image of 1643. By casting this photocopied reproduction of an archetype into ‘art-gold’, they relate the frenzy of tulipmania to contemporary art consumerism.