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Tom Gallant


Lâle Devri
2016, cut magazine paper, gold leaf, glass, framed, 32 x 43cm

This British artist appropriates images and motifs that connect to man’s inhumanity and its influence on visual culture. His background in illustration and printmaking has influenced his fascination with the didactic image and the dissemination of ideas through the various industrial revolutions, from the industry of organised religion to the printing press and the loom.

Gallant has constantly placed research 
and the analysis of literature at the core of his practice and the psychological, social and cultural influences on the narrator and the reader. He explores collector culture such as etymological collections of moths, Gothic rose windows, and Victorian wallpaper. Gallant’s work has been widely collected and he has shown in several major museums internationally. He currently lives and works in Sussex.

For Turkish Tulips Tom Gallant has created Hortus Conclusius, an experimental interactive shadow-puppet Cabinet of Curiosities.

His contribution to the Portfolio an 
exquisitely layered paper cut collaging the filigree of William Morris tulip pattern onto Islamic imagery. The artwork is in the form of a dung beetle; symbolic of the land of the Ottomans where tulips originally flourished.

The dung beetle buries itself and its 
offspring underground, like a bulb. Its abundance is tied closely to trade routes; to animal and human traffic. It is exported to the US to help livestock farmers as it is the best way to deal with their manure – an interesting migrant from Muslim countries which navigates by the stars.