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'To Serve King and Country' Exploring the Role of Teesdale in the First World War

This poignant exhibition, the culmination of a five-year project, will explore the role of Teesdale and its residents during WWI, bringing stories to life in a compassionate and informative display.

Life at the Front and at home will be depicted, including the impact and aftermath of war on individuals and communities, and their response to the worldwide conflict.

Soldiers’ equipment, trench art, medals and other memorabilia will be on display alongside many personal artefacts including hard ‘tack’ biscuits, which survived the ravages of time.

The project’s main objective was to complete the Roll of Honour begun in 1915 by the Museum’s then curator Owen Scott to record those ‘serving King and Country’ in any capacity whatsoever; a further 2,000+ names have now been added.

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WW1 Public Meeting

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