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#Untitled10 – An Exhibition of Ideas

8 November - 10 January

Would you like to view creativity in action? Ten diverse Northern talents beautifully encapsulate the artistic process as it unfurls, using The Bowes Museum as an inspirational backdrop. Carefully selected from over two hundred applicants, following collaboration between The Bowes Museum and Durham Creatives, these artists, designers and makers have uniquely responded to the sense of physical and emotional historic space. They cleverly draw upon objects, building and environment, all connected by John and Joséphine Bowes’ bitter-sweet story.

The personal and professional journey of each exhibitor is insightfully revealed, as we witness experimentation and development, choice of materials and method, and success and failure. Take a walk through the galleries of The Bowes Museum with a totally fresh and novel perspective.

Ann Gill

Hannah Peters

Nick James

Stuart Langley

Eliot Smith

Lisa Smith

Richard Glynn