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Bridget Kennedy - Artist

Bridget seeks to make a connection between the human and the non-human through her artwork. Using installation, sculpture, photography and video, she investigates the impact of technology on the natural world, trying to bridge the gap between conventional forms of knowledge and a more sensory, material experience.

Bridget gained her MFA from Glasgow School of Art in 2007 and is currently Associate Lecturer in Fine Art at Newcastle University. She has shown in a variety of venues throughout the UK, as well as taking her work to Berlin, Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Akureyri. 

Bridget on #Untitled10

Using digital photography software, I sampled the colours of a small section of Monkey Puzzle bark and created a paper cut drawing that references the punch cards that are used to create a woven design on the Jacquard loom. Different layers of information have been broken down and reconfigured to create a series of patterns that bring together two 19th century objects. The work moves between analogue, digital and handcrafted modes of engagement.