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Eliot Smith - Contemporary Dance

Artistic Director of Eliot Smith Dance (ESD), Eliot Smith was born in Newcastle upon Tyne, studied at London Contemporary Dance School and completed the Martha Graham School Summer School 2013. He has commissioned international artists to create new works and performed extensively across the North of England, including London, New York, Paris and Rome for ESD.

Eliot was an Associate Artist at Dance City in 2017-18 and has observed on their Board of Trustees. He was nominated as a finalist for The Journal Culture Awards 2018 and has recently been nominated at One Dance UK’s 2018 Award. A new book 'Martha & Me' is a biography that traces Eliot Smith's determination to welcome Martha Graham back to the UK. 

Eliot on #Untitled10

The life of John and Joséphine Bowes and their love for the arts, intertwined with the magnificent architecture of their French chateau Museum, set within the striking landscapes of the surrounding countryside, provide the inspiration for my new dance work, In Plain Movement.  

In Plain Movement
 led me to explore the link between art in all its diverse forms and to exult in The Bowes Museum’s internationally renowned collections of European fine and decorative arts. Through the medium of dance, it is possible to bring visitors to the Museum to experience, at close hand, the vitality and excitement of actual performance. The live performance of In Plain Movement will take place at The Bowes Museum in January 2018.