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Hannah Peters - Jeweller

Hannah is a self-taught silversmith and jeweller. She eschews modern technology in her work and instead gravitates towards ancient goldsmithing techniques, many of which have remained unchanged for millennia. Hannah’s particular areas of interest are ancient rings, antique animal jewellery, the social and cultural history of jewellery as talisman and amulet, and the use of symbolism for storytelling and commemoration within a jewellery and metalworking context.

Hannah on #Untitled10

I see museums as theatres for objects, which is to say that most pieces displayed within them are clean, shiny, finished, perfect. I seek to show that creative developmental processes have a great deal in common with everyday ways of living and working, which similarly include experimentation, error, repeat practice, dust, noise and mess. In response to the solid silver figure of Sappho, and with particular reference to Cellini's breezy quote on the gallery wall nearby, I taught myself the traditional technique of sand-casting over the summer of 2018. My work for The Bowes Museum documents reflective, creative and practical processes.