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Lisa Smith - Artist

Lisa generally works in embroidery and often incorporates sound. Her work is abstract in nature and increasingly highlights the sculptural qualities of embroidery. Inspired by concept and finding links between materials and ideas, Lisa is frequently drawn towards the overlooked aspects of everyday life, which can often reflect a more universal theme to be discovered if the viewer so wishes.

Any work starts with an instinctive approach led by process, practice and ideas and never with a planned outcome in mind. As the work develops, it can take the form of video, gallery-hung pieces, installations or performance-based presentations.

Lisa on #untitled10

I was specifically inspired by a lace blouse in the textiles collection dating from 1862.  My work became an exploration of both the visual and conceptual responses to this item of clothing. Alongside experiments with the sculptural possibilities of hand embroidery, an accompanying monologue will describe the thinking behind, and processes involved, in the work. My intention is to highlight the reflective opportunities this project has provided and to convey this in a way that could encourage the viewer to explore their own thoughts and perhaps to apply this thinking to other areas of the Museum collections.