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Richard Glynn - Photographer

Since first exhibiting in 2003, Richard has shown work in solo and group exhibitions in England, France, India, Bulgaria, Sweden, Poland and Johannesburg.  A founder of The Lostness Club and photography collective Wideyed, he has undertaken projects and residencies internationally.

Richard’s collaborative works have involved sculptural and other constructional elements to display and engage audiences, including the creation of mutascopes from discarded bicycles; cascading, floating 40 metre prints; newspaper exhibitions and images in bottles. His work centres around portraiture in temporary studios, working with a fifty-year-old studio camera, experimenting with mobile darkrooms that have included vans, tents, gazebos and a sidecar.

Richard on #Untitled10

For me, the artistic process is organic. Yes, it can be labelled as stages; idea, research, experimentation, development, review and presentation. But those stages aren't necessarily linear. They blend into one another. They have to be balanced with time and resources and, somewhere along the line, will have been illuminated by a flash of inspiration in the early hours of the morning, and serendipity.

#Untitled10 started as an opportunity to delve into The Bowes Museum’s photographic archives, as inspiration for portraiture work and an opportunity to experiment with presentation. The original intention of testing the aesthetics of prints on material other than paper has remained, with the attempted production of test portraits of a Dales farmer on gritstone roofing tiles.

But archives offer glimpses into other possibilities. Other possibilities induce curiosity and a series of photographs of houses in Middleton-in-Teesdale has inspired a street-front montage from the 1960’s.