Paul Scott: New American Scenery

Paul Scott: New American Scenery

17 May – 9 January 2022

New American Scenery showcases the latest ceramic works by the contemporary Cumbrian artist Paul Scott, featuring works of historical transferwares that have been updated for today's audience.

Scott spent five years investigating early blue and white transferwares that were shipped from Staffordshire to the United States in the 19th century.   

He works with familiar blue and white ceramics, which were available cheaply so more commonly used than collected, to tell modern stories based on his trips around America.

He reworks antique wares, erasing, adding and recreating new patterns by reusing cut and broken fragments or adding newly printed decals.

The exhibition will allow visitors to see the contrasts between the old and new shapes and forms and think about decoration and what it means.







The Alturas Foundation supported the creation of New American Scenery as part of its Artists in Residence programme. Other funders included Ferrin Contemporary, RISD Museum and Arts Council England (National Lottery Project Grant).