Pre-Raphaelite Knights: Reinventing the Medieval World

© The Fitzwilliam Museum, CambridgeUntil 8 November 2020

Come and see how the Victorian's imagined a world of fairy tales, fantasy, myths and legends.

This exhibition will include paintings from prestigious UK collections including the Tate, The Fitzwilliam Museum, Bristol Museum and Art Gallery, Guildhall Art Gallery  and Manchester Art Gallery featuring maidens in distress, knights in armour, saints and chivalry with romance and whimsy in galore.  

The Pre-Raphaelite movement was a secret brotherhood of painters, writers and poets who rebelled against the promotion of painters like Raphael, whose work they thought looked unreal.

Along with paintings by Rossetti, Millais, and Holman Hunt among others, there will also be suits of armour, illustrated editions of books by William Morris and Alfred Tennyson and interactive displays.

© The Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge

Pre-Raphaelite Knights Gallery Virtual Tour

We had just announced the extension of this popular exhibition for those who hadn't got to see it or just wanted to see it again when we were struck with the threat of COVID-19. If you would like to see more about the Pre-Raphaelite Knights exhibition and learn more about the authors of these magnificent paintings and their meanings before your visit, please watch the video below. 



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