Online Sessions

Online Taught Sessions

To keep children safe and culturally engaged in the current COVID-19 situation, we are offering digital sessions using a system of your choosing to bring the Museum into your classroom. A member of the education team will deliver content from a workshop of your choice and provide the opportunity for shared thinking and questions.

Our digital sessions cost £40 per class for a one-hour long morning or afternoon slot.

This includes organising a 10-minute test session on a weekday prior to the lesson, to ensure that all the technology is running smoothly before your booked session with the children. This will include a sound and video link check. We can use Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet or a platform your school is able to use.

To book your session, choose a workshop and contact

  • For digital sessions, you need to select whether you would prefer a morning or afternoon slot. A morning slot will be 9.30am to 11.30am (approximately). For an afternoon slot, we will fit in with your school timings after lunch so please let us know what those are.
  • If you are booking a session for more than 1 class, please tell us the email addresses of all teachers involved in the booking to set up the video call link.
  • Please tell us which digital platform you are able to use in school. For example, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet etc.

“The online session with Julia was fantastic. The children have been learning all about the John and Joséphine story but unfortunately, we can't visit the museum at the current time. However, Julia brought the museum to us in our classroom! The children could see all the main collections and find out about the museum as if they were really there. The session was completely tailored to us, the children loved it and Julia was brilliant with them.”   Montalbo School, Barnard Castle