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At The Bowes Museum we offer high quality education workshops on a variety of topics. See our workshops below and contact the education team on 01833 694602 or email to find out more information or to make a booking.

Christmas School Trips at The Bowes Museum

Monday to Friday, 2- 19 December 2019

Want something different for your class? Visit Santa in his Winter Grotto and our magical Toy Workshop. Explore The Bowes Museum with an exciting Christmas themed trail and make some Christmas crafts!
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Toys From The Past

A hands-on workshop looking at toys throughout the ages, followed by a practical activity making your own peg doll.
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Pattern Power!

Explore patterned decoration in the galleries and have a go at printing your own designs.
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Portraits and Portraiture

Learn what portraits can reveal from pose, setting and accessories and make a collage self portrait.
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Creative Writing

Take part in a Creative Writing workshop inspired by the amazing collections at The Bowes Museum. Workshops are suitable for KS1 and KS2 children.
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Arts Award in a Day

Be inspired by an exhibition on display and complete your Discover Arts Award in a day!
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Napoleon I, What If?

Interactive retelling of Napoleon’s life story and events which led to the battle of Waterloo in 1815, using the objects collected by John Bowes. Explore what might have happened to Britain if Napoleon had triumphed. How would the blockade of trade routes impact on British Society? What would Britain look like today? KS2/3 Curriculum links: History — beyond 1066, local history, John Bowes as a Victorian collector of historical artefacts and souvenirs from the Napoleonic Wars. SMSC — opportunities for BIG questions and debate linked to current themes. Art and Design — to improve mastery of techniques using intaglio printing.


Learn about the lifestyle of a wealthy Victorian through an exciting guided tour of the Museum. Look at and sketch real Victorian artefacts before trying to write with a slate and pencil or a dippy pen!
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Green and Pleasant Landscapes

Explore the history of landscape painting from the fourteenth to the nineteenth century and try your hand at creating your own masterpiece using watercolour paints or pastels.
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A Tudor Feast

Bring the Tudors to life by taking part in a fantastic ‘Living History’ workshop, learn a dance and make a ‘tussy mussy’ before creating a collage of a Tudor King or Queen
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Greek Myths and Legends

Explore the history of the Greeks. Discover mythical stories and legends through the Museum’s collections, then make your own Greek-style artefact.
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Stone Age to Iron Age

Discover and handle a variety of prehistoric artifacts before creating a coil pot inspired by Bronze Age beakers.
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Amazing Egyptians (Outreach)

Handle and sketch replica Egyptian objects, have a go writing on papyrus and make a clay shabti.
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Romans (Outreach)

Look at and handle real and replica Roman artifacts before making your own Roman head pot.
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Ganesha (Outreach)

An interactive workshop focused on Ganesha, the elephant headed god, followed by a practical collage activity. An educational box is available free of charge with the booking.
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WW1 – The Soldier’s Story (Outreach)

Look at and sketch WW1 artifacts before making a felt keepsake.
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Voyage of Festivity

A fun and engaging half day workshop designed for cultivating young children’s skills and confidence in looking at and responding to our Canaletto paintings. Meet Theo the Crocodile, make a carnival mask and take part in singing action songs with musical instruments. Can be booked as a full day workshop, get further details from the education team. Learning Outcomes: • Improve visual literacy. • Improve speaking and listening skills. • Learn how to engage with paintings.

Norman Cornish

16th November - 23rd February 2020

Duration: 2 Hours (morning or afternoon session) Cost: £3.50 Age Range: KS1/KS2 Come on an interactive tour of the galleries and find out about the story of Norman Cornish, his life and work and handle tools of the trade. Take part in a sketching workshop before making a collage using a variety of materials and textures to recreate a Norman Cornish Painting. Facilitated by the Education team.

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