Ganesha (Outreach)


An interactive workshop focused on Ganesha, the elephant headed god, followed by a practical collage activity. An educational box is available free of charge with the booking.


The visit was fantastic; the children are still buzzing about it!

Montalbo Primary School Teacher

Session Plan

45 minutes Introduction to Hinduism and worship. We create a shrine as a whole class using handling objects and learn the significance of the different items.  
30 minutes Introduction to Ganesha. Children are told the story of how Ganesha got an elephant head and look for symbolism within a statue of Ganesha. They then have time to sketch a Ganesha statue.
45 minutes Ganesha craft (cut and stick collage)

National Curriculum Links


Celebration of different festivals and understanding and respecting the beliefs of others.


Locate the world’s countries.

Art and Design

Understand the historical and cultural development of art forms.

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