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Temporary Exhibitions

'To Serve King and Country' Exploring the Role of Teesdale in the First World War

The Soldier's Story
Develop enquiry though historical writing - what did I learn from this artefact? Look at and sketch WW1 artefacts before making a felt keepsake.
KS2/KS3 Curriculum links:
Art and Design - improve mastery of techniques by observing and sketching.
History - local history study, using archive materials.
English - creative writing.
SMSC - investigation into moral and ethical issues.


Catwalking: Fashion through the Lens of Chris Moore

Primary and Secondary National Curriculum:
Art and Technology

This inspirational exhibition provides innovative and exciting opportunities that will promote the understanding and knowledge of fashion through the decades and meet outcomes of the National Curriculum.
Fashion triggers imagination, with catwalks evoking a sense of wonder and awe amongst children and this lends itself to developing creations inspired by the collections of haute couture. 
To make this captivating for children and young people, there are opportunities to develop awareness of chronology and historical events by following the development of the clothes on show and focusing on a historical event of the time to then further develop as the subject for their own study for example Swinging Sixties or the Flower Power of the 70’s. Linked to history workshops already developed as part of the education offer children can compare the fashions in different ages, through to the 21st Century.
Develop an awareness and understanding of recycling and sustainability. Children to design and make their own fashions and explore other items of clothing. Investigate materials by looking at the construction, durability and how materials can be manipulated to create structure and form. Children can create their own patterns for clothes and experiment by deconstructing garments, thinking about how clothing is assembled and can be reinvented.

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