Bouts Art School

Bouts Art School

We are excited to launch the Bouts Art School throughout the summer holiday. Join us and guest artists for a 30 minutes Live workshop on The Bowes Museum Instagram account @thebowesmuseum. 

Week 1 - Zine Making with guest artist Richard Bliss, 23 July, 10.00, Instagram

Join guest artist Richard Bliss in the first of the Bouts Art School summer workshops live on the Museum’s Instagram account @thebowesmuseum. Zines are a fun and easy way to share your ideas through self-publishing. All you need to take part is a pencil and a sheet of A4 paper, although if you have glue, scissors, magazines and newspapers, these can all add to the excitement of your final publication. Richard will explore St Luke Drawing the Virgin and Child by Dieric Bouts and make connections to the work of Symbolists artist and contemporary ideas about gender and sexuality.   This half hour session is aimed at 13 – 25 year olds.

Download Richard Bliss's PDF instructions for how to make a zine here

Let us know how we did! Download and fill in the evaluation form for the Zine Making Live Workshop here


Week 2 - Colour, Composition and Collage with guest artist Melanie Kyles, 30 July, 10.00, Instagram

In this fresh approach to a classic masterpiece, guest artist The Fashion Lab’s Melanie Kyles will be taking the reins on the Museum’s Instagram account, @thebowesmuseum. during this week’s Bouts Art School summer workshop. Melanie will explore the use of colour and composition in the painting St Luke Drawing the Virgin and Child. In this half hour session you’ll be inspired and supported to create your own reworked version of the painting through collage and your preferred drawing tools, as well as delving into the 7 main elements of art, learning how to create a visually balanced image.

Download Melanie Kyle's PDF instructions here.  

Learn more about The 7 Elements of Art here

Let us know how we did! Download and fill in the evaluation form for the Colour, Composition and Collage Live Woprkshop here 


Week 3 - Storytelling & Photography with guest artist Rachel McGivern, 6 August, 10.00, Instagram

The Bouts Art School online continues on the Museum’s instagram account @thebowesmuseum, as guest artist Rachel McGivern gives a half hour tutorial on the secrets of great story telling through photography. Gather a selection of your own objects to combine and arrange in interesting compositions. Find new ways of looking and document your creations using a camera or phone camera.

Download Rachel McGivern's PDF instructions for Storytelling & Photography here

Let us know how we did! Download and fill in the evaluation form for the Storytelling & Photography Workshop here


Week 4 - Unfiltered Views with guest artist Jilly Johnston, 13 August, 10.00, Instagram

In this live Bouts Art School workshop we’ll look at the world from the point of view of what is unframed. What do we choose to take pictures of and what do we leave out of our pictures. During this half hour session on the Museum’s Instagram account @thebowesmuseum we’ll explore and draw the things that we see everyday but never notice. You’ll learn about mark-making, shading and framing using a view-finder in this drawing workshop with a thoughtful twist. 



Week 5 - Perspective with guest artist Carlos Cortes, 20 August, 10.00, Instagram

In this penultimate Bouts Art School workshop, join guest artist Carlos Cortes in a game of shifting perspectives. Using drawing, colouring, collage and even photography we’ll look at how Renaissance artists created their works. We’ll work on separate pieces that will come together to become your own version of St Luke Drawing the Virgin and Child. This half hour session on the Museum’s Instagram account @thebowesmuseum includes an introduction to linear perspective, the use of textures and patterns, and painting transitions from dark to light. You even have the chance to jump into the artwork! 



Week 6 - Paint Making with guest artist Sarah Elwen, 27 August, 10.00, Instagram

This is your chance to find out the secrets behind Paint Making in the last of the Bouts Art School summer workshops. Guest artist Sarah Elwen will demonstrate how we can make our own paints using everyday materials from around the home, such as cupboard spices, fruit, chalk, soil and vegetable oil. To find out how, simply watch the half hour tutorial on the Museum’s Instagram account @thebowesmuseum 




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